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Algarve, Portugal is a big surprise that comes in an unexpected package. It houses not just a number of the finest five star hotels in Europe but also the biggest and most prestigious resorts in Europe. Vilamoura is one of the must-see tourist spots in the place as it provides services and accommodations that are certain to please even the most particular of tastes. Its ambiance full of sunshine, pearly beaches, cozy environment and complete facilities, all these are sure to deliver pure and unadulterated relaxation for you and your loved ones.

The Heart of Vilamoura

If you are looking for food that tickles your palate, the Marina can offer a wide array of restaurants to choose from. Being the heart and center of activity, it also houses bars and designer shops such as ‘Bar Siete’ of Luis Figo located on the Marina front.

You will certainly enjoy its serene feel and savor the peaceful atmosphere by strolling around during daytime. As the day closes, the night paints the place red as the people start to come to feast on delicacies and enjoy the nightlife in some of the bars.

The marina also offers various amenities to cater to different tastes from the extraordinarily rich to the typical tourist. Its marina which can hold a thousand berths is sought after by wealthy, golfers, yachtsmen and just about anyone who dreams of a glamorous way to tan himself under the warm sun.

It also has boat trips open for everyone, bars and restaurants, and custom-designed trails for walking and cycling activities.

It has the following spots you can visit to:

•    Praia da Marina or Vilamoura Beach (to the east of the Marina);
•    On the west side is Praia da Falésia, a spacious beach and one of the most fantastic experience you can ever have;
•    And a champagne cruise for that very special occasion!


Pump up the adrenaline Vilamoura style!

Packed with several state-of-the-art golf courses with superb layout and in perfect condition, playing golf will never be as satisfying and as rare of an experience as playing it in Vilamoura.

Aside from this, you can also take pleasure in a nice tennis game with a friend or fellow tourists.  If you are hungry for more adventure, perhaps parasailing can give you just that.

The Little Vegas

Offering you a whole evening of entertainment filled with variety shows, dances, and various performances is the Casino.

Ready to provide pure entertainment and enjoyment are more than 500 slot machines and different gaming rooms which you can enjoy American and French roulettes, a tricky game of poker, blackjack, baccarat, and Portuguese dice.

Upholding a formal and sophisticated image, all pay an entrance fee, men are required to put on ties and jackets, and foreign visitors obliged to present passport.

Vilamoura is just but one of the many vacation destinations Algarve, Portugal has in store for you. To get a first-hand experience and witness the magic of the tourist attraction yourself, book now, pack your bags and come visit!

Tips About The Algarve

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The Algarve – A Vacation Like No Other


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