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Covering 6% of Portugal’s total land area and extending 5,000 km2 in width, Algarve offers its guests the dream vacation of their lifetime. Since the place is geographically extensive, you’ll need a good guide in spending your holiday to the Algarve.

What the Algarve Offers You

If you are planning to have your dream holiday to the Algarve, you’ll find that this southernmost region is comprised of diverse flora and fauna, beautiful sea and landscapes, historic monuments, lively clubs and restaurants among other delightful things.

You’ll want to get every bit of what Algarve can give you that’s why you need to know how to get to the place and how to go about with your trip.

Going To the Algarve

How to have your holiday to the Alrgave? First, check on the visa requirement for your country of origin. For the EU citizens, only a valid passport is needed. You don’t have to get a visa if you are an EU national. A period of 90 days stay without a visa is also granted to those coming from Canada, the USA or New Zealand. This is good for any 6 months with no visa.

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Getting And Going Around Algarve

Reaching the region from anywhere in Europe is possible through superbly new motorways and many means of transportation. Going for your holiday to the Algarve offers you a variety of choices that are traffic-free such as:

1.    Air Travel- If you can’t wait to bask under the Algarvean sun, then the fastest option to get there is thru an airplane ride. The Faro Airport or Aeroporto de Faro lies 2.6km west of the Faro District, Algarve’s capital. It provides a comfortable trip for guests coming from different parts of Europe such as Lisbon, Dublin, London and Germany to name a few.

The airport offers over 10 car rental companies’ services for your journey anywhere in the Algarve. The airport has connections all over the region and even directly to Spain and Lisbon because it is situated near the A22 highway.

2.    Road Trip- In terms of road trip, you can take:

•    The A22 motorway- It connects Algarve to Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. On ordinary days, it takes about 3 hours of travel from Lisbon to Algarve but summers are notably having long lines of vacationers waiting at toll booths so you can take IC1 highway.

•    Coastal or Hill Route- As mentioned above, IC1 is a good alternative road from Lisbon to the Algarve. This road trip can be made with a few turns. First, follow the IC1 and head to Mimosa. As you arrive there, turn to the N263 then head for the town of Odemira. Go through this place and then drive towards the N120.

You’ll pass through the scenic Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina which will eventually lead you to Lagos, the western side of Algarve. This route might add at least one hour, making your whole trip from Lisbon to Lagos about 4 hours or more. Another way that offers a winding but very picturesque drive is taking the N266 road to Monchique. You can do this by getting to the N266 right after N263, thus, skipping Odemira.

•    The Ayamonte-Huelva highway- If you are from Spain and you want to have your holiday to the Algarve then this is best for your land travel. The Ayamonte-Huelva motorway is toll-free and links the region to towns of Madrid, Seville and Córdoba.

•    Buses/Coaches And Other Public Vehicles- If you live in Portugal, you can take buses or coaches to Faro. Renex and EVA Transportes SA are the best coach companies by far. You can also travel by train because most European cities are connected to Portugal via the rail network.

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3. Boat Ride – The big towns/municipalities of Algarve such as Lagos, Albufeira, and Vilamoura are part of the international community for yachting. Another option for those who don’t have their own boats, you can make use of the ferry services available. Be sure to pre-book tickets on the busy summer months though.

Spending your holiday to the Algarve will surely be a vacation of a lifetime. Back up your bags now and savor the beautiful Portugal region.

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Tips About The Algarve

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The Algarve – A Vacation Like No Other


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