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The Algarve is Portugal’s topmost tourist destination, being visited by millions of guests from all over the world annually. There are many great things and beautiful places that the region can offer you and Algarve temperatures are certainly one of the best features.

Algarvean Climate

Although Algarve temperatures vary because the region experiences spring, summer, autumn and winter, generally, the place is sunny all year round. If you love California, then you’ll love Algarve temperatures more because of the longer hours of sunshine and short rainfall periods. Each season offers delightful features for every person of any age:

•    Spring- This typically falls on the advent of May. The countryside comes to life with colorful wild flowers blanketing the hills and even the roadsides. Algarve temperatures during this season reach 18 to 20 degree Celsius on the average. Spring is the best time for golfers because of the plenty sunshine minus the burning heat. The evenings are longer and can be chilly at times.

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•    Summer- The most influx tourists (with millions in number) happen on the summer months of July to September because the Algarve temperatures offer 12 hours of sunshine daily in a range of 30ºC to as high as 40ºC.

•    Autumn- Golfers also favor this season because of there is still abundant sunshine and nights that range from mild to chilly. The temperature ranges from 17 ºC to 19 ºC, which is ideal for sporting activities.

•    Winter- The best thing about winter in Algarve is you’ll get about 6 hours of sunshine daily with a temperature of 16ºC as an average. There are however cold and winder or even wet days.

Even if winter is the wettest season in Algarve, you’ll surely love its blossoming almond trees in January to early February.  These trees are hugely popular and plenty in the region.

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When Is The Best Time To Go?

There is a maximum temperature fluctuation between 25 °C during winter season to 48 °C in the summer months that has been recorded for Algarve. The good thing is that on winter months, temperature rarely goes below zero. Although each season offers every guest with a ton of fun activities in Algarve, summer is undisputedly the best time to spend your holidays there.

That is however, if you love to get side by side with a huge crowd, busy airports and busy streets because millions of tourists come to the region during summer. If you do prefer a solace from a private getaway, you can head to the highlands of the region or private resorts that are away from the populated areas.

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What Clothes Should You Wear?

Of course, depending on the season, you’ll need to wear the most appropriate and comfortable clothes but there are basic items that are a must no matter how long you’ll stay in the region such as:

•    Travel pants or skirts that are lightweight, made of fast drying material and are resistant to wrinkles. Capris and shorts are very helpful as you’ll spend a lot of time going around the beach of the streets. Bring clothes with neutral colors so it won’t be difficult for you to mix and match your outfits.

•    Travel tops like your shirts, blouses and a jacket are useful. Make sure that the items match your pants/shorts. Lay them out by pair before packing up. Also, choose those made of wrinkle-free and easy to dry fabric. The jacket is useful for chilly nights.

•    Shoes are of course a necessity. Whether you’ll plan to go hiking, play golf, go around the cobbled streets or go out at night wearing a flirty party dress, the right fitted shoes are your feet’s best friend. Don’t use a newly bought pair as it will take time to get used to. As much as possible, don’t over pack. Bring only those that you deem are necessary for your planned activities.

•    Bringing your swimming attires is also a must. The Algarve is well-known for its long and sandy beaches and frolicking in the sea waters completes every vacationer’s superb Algarvean experience. Bring only a reasonable amount of swimwear.

The Algarve temperatures make the region the best place to visit in Portugal all year round. Whatever the season, you’ll surely enjoy all of its scenic beauty, culture, tradition and of course, the welcoming warmth that Algarvean residents offers its every guest. 

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