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The Algarve is a dream destination like no other. With its wide land area, beautiful beaches, infrastructure and a mix of Arabic and Portuguese cultural heritage, it’s not a wonder that the region is the most popular tourist destination in the whole of Portugal.

What the Algarve Geography Offers You

The Algarve is Portugal’s southernmost region. Spanning a land area of 5,214 square kilometers, it is inhabited by 450, 484 residents and is subdivided into 16 municipalities, each promising a unique experience for every guest.

The Algarve coincides with the famous Faro District, where its administrative center lies as well as its international airport and the University of the Algarve. The region’s strategic location is favorable to fish, seafood and fruit production.

algarve sea coast

What Makes Algarve A Stand-Out

The Algarve is truly unique because not only is it a perfect spot for beach and nightlife lovers, it also hosts a variety of tourist attractions and amenities. In fact, the tourism industry is largely the reason for making the place the third richest region in the country. A yearly influx of visitors to Algarve from outside Portugal is estimated to be 7 million while the total number including locals is 10 million. The whopping statistics are a sure testament to what the region boasts such as its:

  • Natural sea and land wonders – the towns are lined up with beaches, coves, caves and other beautiful landscapes
  • Mediterranean climate, sunny summers and temperate winters – the highest recorded temperature fluctuations for the Algarve winter is 25 °C and 48 °C for summer
  • Plenty of hotels and accommodations to fit every budget and vacation preference – the facilities range from modern to eco-friendly hotels, apartelles, hostels and even small huts
  • Culture and cuisine like no other – famous for spicy dishes and fresh farm produce all made to delight your palate
  • What Makes It Your Dream Vacation Destination

There are many notable places and features that make Algarve your best dream destination such as:

1.    Albufeira Probably the most visited town in the whole region, it is a melting pot of many cultures, with Arabic and Christian spirituality as its dominating influence. You can see that the residents put so much value in their Faith because the streets are lined up with Christian churches and Arab Mosques. These places of worship also come in great designs like Neo-classic and Gothic architectural types. Other than that and the whole bunch of beaches lining up the coast, the town comes to life at night with its many party clubs and events.

2.    Algarvean cookery
Because the region faces the Atlantic, naturally, fish and shellfish comprise most of the dishes in the area. The Arabic influence is evident in its cuisine; you cannot miss the presence of spices, aromatic herbs and handful of ingredients. The inland also offers delectable cuisine and confections made of market-garden produce, meat, almonds, figs and a whole lot more.

3.    Beautiful landscapes A famous spot called Costa Vicentina or Vicentine Coast, hosts rugged and sharp dark cliffs that are occasionally broken by small coves and rough seas. The rest of the place is endless scenery of crystal clear warm waters.

The Algarve is a one-stop dream vacation for anyone with a wide taste for fun, adventure, culture, cuisine and a host of other wonderful things. It is truly worth your spending your every cent.

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